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I started this blog (well, the previous one) to stay in contact with family. I'm not sure who even reads this but I figured that if you come over from Instagram (follow me at thebrickbungalow), you may want to know who we are. 

We took the photo just a few weeks ago at the beginning of June at one of our favorite places for photos. 

Doug and I have been together for almost 15 years (wow!) and got married 11 years ago. We are both teachers. He's also a coach and plays rugby. He teaches summer school while I stay home and work on various home projects. He will be going back to grad school this fall to get his master's. 

Lily is our little artist and athlete. She just finished up her third year in softball, which is by far her favorite sport, and is almost done with her first year of track. She's done cross country and soccer too. I think we'll get back into soccer and try basketball this winter. She loves art and anything STEM/STEAM. She starts third grade and is very excited about her art camp and STEM camp this summer! She's also in Girl Scouts. She likes to be busy.  

Nate is our active little boy. See the dark spot on his head? That's medical glue from when he busted his head open on a tailgate at one of Lily's games. I rushed him to the ER and we finally got the glue off - it took almost 4 weeks! The day after the ER trip he ran into something at daycare and had the biggest goose egg on the other side of his head. He then got a scratch on his face during all this and that's when school pictures were. That's Nate in a nutshell. Nate can sing his alphabet but don't ask him to spell his name. He knows his whole name, but he won't spell it for you. He's too busy running around. 

Speaking of running around... 

Lily had a track meet at a local, very large high school. It looks like a small college campus. Doug and Nate were busy playing when Doug came back, by himself, and said he couldn't find where Nate ran off to (or was possibly hiding). So my parents fan out, I stay put in case he comes back, and then our friends and other parents were looking too. Doug thinks to check the track, where Lily had just walked by with a ton of other kids, and go talk to them. He asked Lily if she had seen him, and of course she had because she's an awesome sister, and said "yeah, he put himself in the track meet" and he had. He was on the line, ready to run in the race. We had asked him prior to this, at two different meets, if he was interested but he said no. So apparently, when all the kids walked by, he saw his time and joined them. And you want to know something? The kid got 5th place. He's THREE and was racing other 3 and 4 years olds, maybe even 5 year olds. So now he's signed up for the next meet. 

And that's our life. 

Busy, hectic, full of laughter and fun. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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