{Gardening} South Side, Update

It's amazing how well a garden can grow, isn't it? This one may be growing a bit too much (especially the weeds!). This was taken yesterday. 

The above photo was taken on June 6, so exactly two weeks before the top photo. I pulled the two plants near the trellis (more "gourds" - see below), and staked the pepper plants. 

What do you think of painting the basement window frames gray? The sides and top are wood and the bottom is the concrete, but has been painted white. I'm thinking gray will help it hide in. And then I want to frost the windows with spray paint so it'll let in light but keep it more private. We currently have them covered. 

The above two photos of gourds were a trial run of planting seeds with my coworker before the season was ready. We did a few others too but the gourds really took off. The problem is that I'm pretty sure the package just said "gourds" and nothing else. So I'm thinking they'll be more like bird house gourds rather than something else. Any help? Suggestions? The plant may be taken out and it'll definitely be cut back soon as it's taking over everything. 

This baby praying mantis was fun to see. We had seen a few others in our back yard but not in the garden area. Let's hope they stay away from the chickens! I mentioned on Instagram (follow @thebrickbungalow) that I haven't seen an adult in awhile but I always see the babies. So obviously the adults are better at hiding! 

And another generic package, our "garden beans" that I picked last night. I didn't cook them well or I'd be describing their delicious (hopefully) flavor. Better luck next time!

Do you garden? What do you plant? This is this garden's first year so we'll keep it around for now. I may add to it if I can get more buckets. And by may, it'll definitely happen. I did this all, minus a few trees that needed chopped by Doug, so he can't get too mad at me!

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