{Holidays} Thanksgiving

Although my life is stressful right now (can ya say PORTFOLIO?!, among other things), I wanted to focus on the positives right now...

1. My family. They are wonderful and I love being so close to my parents, brother and extended family. I couldn't imagine living far away from any of them. My family obviously also includes my great hubby and my beautiful daughter. This is her second Thanksgiving season and I'm sure she'll enjoy it much more than last year.

2. My friends. They know who they are and the majority of them are friends I've had for over 10 years (two are going on 25 years!). They help me relieve stress, have fun, and I can talk to them about anything and everything.

3. My pets. Yes, I am thankful for them. After waking up from my nap today, my three babies were all cuddled up in random spots on my bed. I love my pets and they are my babies no matter how many real children I have. Zoey was underneath Doug's blankets, Taz was right next to her but on top of the blankets, and Rocky was cuddled up by my feet with his paw around his face. All three of them were strays before I adopted them so I like to believe that they are also thankful for me. Rugby is my baby too and I'm thankful for him but more so my parents who have adopted him and let him live out at the farm because the boy is just SO big when you have a toddler running around.

4. The fact that I am THISCLOSE to finishing my certification. I will be more thankful if I had a job and the paycheck that goes along with it.

5. My house and belongings. In this time of our economy, I am thankful that we own a house and can afford the payments, even it means we can't buy clothes or go out to eat without stressing me out. We have a home, a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and toys for Lily. A lot of this is also help to the family who helped buy some of our possessions and to help with our house, both financially and helping us remodel the rooms. There is a lot we'd like to continue working on, but everything is in working order.

I think that covers everything. For the few of you who read this, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you all as we start the holiday season.

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