{Holidays} Christmas Decorations

A close up of one of many Santa ornaments. I have a thing for Santas and this one is no exception.

The mantle. The trees and wreath are full of my vintage ornaments. The majority of them are from my Aunt Deb who just recently gave me some of her's, but some I started to collect a few years ago.

The tree. I need a new skirt.

A close up of the wreath. Isn't it pretty?!

The room needs painted, the border needs removed, and the fireplace needs a complete redo. It is all from the previous homeowner and it's one room I just haven't gotten to; however, I hope to get it done by next year. The ceiling is already painted and I need to touch up a few spots. But the trouble is is that I have three pieces of furniture all in a shade of green that could go really green if paired with the wrong paint color. I will try to get a pic of them on here for suggestions. I'm thinking of the same color that's in our bathroom right now (which I LOVE!) but I also thought about a pale blue or a grey/tannish color. Suggestions?!

I'm doing a Blog Hop!

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  1. I really like your wreath. The idea of all the ornaments hanging on it is so cute! :)


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