{Upstairs} Bathroom

Our remodel upstairs is going to happen some day. I promise.

Today I decided to tackle the bathroom. It was super nasty. There had been a sunlight above the tub and it leaked, so my dad and Doug removed it. The mess of that had been left in the tub. Add in a lot of other objects, including some random tools, gloves, some spray from the spray foam insulation, caulk, shingle mess, and so much more, it is now gone. I picked up everthing, filled up a large trash bag, plus removed the shingles and the heater unit (all the metal from inside of it), and the tub is on the way to getting cleaned. After removing all the trash, I vacuumed the whole room with the shop vac. It still left a nasty bath tub, so I scrapped off some of the stuck on junk and went to work with some Soft Scrub. The water is not on in the bath tub, which would definitely help, so I scrubbed until I couldn't take the smell anymore. It's getting there! Once the water is back on, I'll finish cleaning the tub and the rest of the room. Then we will be able to put the toilet and sink back up.

This is BEFORE...

At some point, we would love to remodel the bathroom and add in a shower. It was not in our budget and so we painted the room and left everything as is. I'll add some small touches with photos, a mirror, etc., but it'll be all for now. We don't use the bath tub but it'll be nice to have a toilet and sink for when we move back up there.

As for the rest of the room - I bought outlet covers and will be putting those up now that the majority of painting is done. The whole area needs a lot of cleaning, the trim needs to be put up and painted, and some more finishing touches but we're getting closer! I don't know what we would do without the help of my dad, who has helped from the beginning and continues to help with the trim work and everything else. I'll take some photos for you as we progress.

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