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I'm going to join in on the Parade of Homes tour at A Bowl Full of Lemons but I couldn't decide what posts to put in, so I figured I'd do a list of things...

The Upstairs Remodel - this has taken forever but we're almost there. As in we just need a few strong men who will carry some freakishly large and heavy pieces of furniture up some super narrow stairs. And Doug's closet still needs to be finished... and well, a few other pieces too, but it's practically done!

2. The Outside - front garden, veggie garden, etc.

3. Lily's Garden - this in progress, as we have plans for a path and lots more plants... but all in time. :)

4. Our new fence! - technically we didn't do this, but we are paying someone a nice chunk of money to have it installed professionally.

5. Lily's Nursery - tihs is about to get a make over but I haven't done anything yet (and won't until we're ready to move her into a big girl room).

6. Our main bathroom - it was so ugly when I started! We have plans of remodeling this at some point in the semi-near future.

7. Rock Garden - I desperately need to get some new pics because some of the plants have really grown in the last couple years!!

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