Fence Posts

I came home today to see almost all of our fence posts in the ground!!! The first pic might need enlarged to see them (they were taken from my phone). It'll be nice to have some privacy! I did my student teaching in the school that's only two yards away and you could see everything (obviously, since it's so close!) but now there will be a 6 foot wall between us and our neighbors! Oh, and my neighbors' pesky cats and dogs... including the one below (although he's cute, he likes to mark his territory and it's bad enough he can do it everywhere else in our yard!).

This photo is better... that's my neighbor's house and garage (the crazy lady with all of the cats) and it's nice to see how much of her house will be blocked. We may try to do something later (a lattice) to make the corner (not in the pic) be taller and block her deck and side of the house. It would be all in shade though, so we'd have to get some shade loving plants to grow...

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