The Columns, in progress

So here are the "columns" I posted about earlier... Don't judge me by my clutter! I swear it was clean a week ago for Miss Lily's party! But this is what happens when you are in the process of painting one room (where two of those tables go) and then there's the mini fridge from your in-laws that was once your hubby's that needs to find a new home... preferably not in the middle of my dining room! And then there's the table full of junk, the couch full of stuff too, and my two shadows... Rocky, the cat, and Zoey, my pup! But focus on the woodwork... the DARK brown, the random spicy mustard color inside, the glued on crap decals. I tried finding a true before pic that would include both the wall color and the brown trim, but I couldn't (except in the background of a Christmas pic but it didn't show much). I'll keep looking! For now, here's the in progress pic!

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