The Columns

Ugh... this is what I've stared at for the last 3 years when I'm in my living room. I have NO idea why I haven't done something about it before... but there have been other things on my mind since July 2007... like the upstairs remodel, our backyard, and of course, all things Lily!... so, of course my mind has been on many things (and that doesn't include working full time, going back to school to finish my teaching certificate, starting and continuing my master's degree in education, and so many other things.

But finally, I have gotten to this mess...

This shot shows the red (and more wallpaper!) in the dining room as it looks into the living room... but the above pic is the living room side (it's the gold side, the brown side was in the dining room).

Here's what it looks like without the glued on decals... they were NOT my style!

AND... drumroll please... it is primed!

The entire thing (both sides) is primed and I had started painting the first coat of semi-gloss trim paint when my parents asked me if I wanted a lunch break. So yes, I went out for lunch and then I got sleepy, took a nap, and haven't gotten back to the project. That's tomorrow's job!!!

Also on the agenda for tomorrow... to put the first coat of paint on the fireplace (yes, I primed it all today too!) and the second coat of trim paint on all the baseboards. I'll post more pics tomorrow of that!

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