{Living Room} Fireplace

I am still looking for some missing photos but this fireplace used to be red painted brick, brown wood with gold dry brushed on top of the brown. I'll keep looking... for now, it's all white. Two coats of primer, three coats of paint. I'm doing one more to help even it up just some more!

EDITED... FOUND THE PICS... here ya go!

This photo was from a few years ago but it's how it's looked the whole time, with some minor details changed (candles normally sit in the fireplace).

And here it is as I painted the walls. My next job in this room (once the trim is all painted) will be the INSIDE of the fireplace. It's not a workable fireplace right now, so at some point I'd like to have someone look at it to see what it would take to fix it and also I'd like to paint with heat resistant paint on the inside (after a good cleaning!).

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  1. yowza, that's some fireplace. i like it white, great job on that!


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