I sanded and primed (first coat anyway) of what I am calling our columns that go between our living room and dining room. I'm waiting for the paint to dry or else I'd be painting the second coat of primer.

Next on my list is the fireplace. I SHOULD have sanded it while sanding the columns but I didn't even think about it. I swear I have a one track mind most days.

The baseboards in the living room need their second coat of paint but seeing as how I'm going to be painting other wood in the room, I'm waiting to just do it all at once. IF I have enough paint. I may have to go buy another gallon, and if I do, it'll have to wait until I have money.

Speaking of money, and buying paint, I have decided to go ahead with the dining room - IF Lily can go to daycare all of next week too. I've decided it takes roughly a week per room. Why so long? Well.. there's the time it takes to peel off wallpaper, prime the walls (which I will definitely have to do to cover up the DARK RED!), paint two coats, and I need to repaint all the white trim (after peeling off more wallpaper that is on the trim). The white trim in the dining room looks dingy after seeing it near the white trim of the columns. I also have to sand some of the door frame going to our basement because of the gate that was installed for Lily's safety. So, I figured that would take a good 4 days to complete. Add in laundry, moving furniture around, breaks for lunch (a girl's gotta eat!), and maybe a sanity break and/or nap in there, and that's a full week's worth of work! BUT oh, it would be AWESOME! Good thing I have a gift certificate to the local hardware store so I can spend it on paint. :)

After the living and dining rooms are painted, it'll only leave three rooms in our house (plus the basement, which I don't count) the same color as when we first bought the house. One is the room near the kitchen where the fridge is, one is the TV room, and then there's the front bedroom. The front bedroom is definitely on my list but it's the first on the list to be torn apart, not just repainted, so I'm saving my time, energy and money until we have enough money to replace the two windows, add insulation, and so on as mentioned in this previous post.

Now it's back to painting...

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