{Play Yard} Swing Set

Thanks to my parents, we now have a swing set in our backyard!!! The frame, two seats (one baby, one regular), and the time, energy, experience, and wonderful-ness was a gift from my parents for Lily's 2nd birthday! We had a few people contribute to the fund, so that will go for the purchase of a third swing and will be saved for next year's addition to it - a playhouse and slide combo (well, that's what I'm planning now!).

It is awesome! My parents came over Sunday and got most of it built except we needed an additional tool to complete it for the swings, so Dad came over today to finish it. It is soooo great!! Lily saw it today from inside the house and was like "wow! swing!" Then she wanted to go outside!!!

Thanks Babby and BauPau!!

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