{Farm} Bapa's Garden

My dad is a HUGE gardener and we get to reap the benefits! Miss Lily especially!!! Although I did hear she had to work for her breakfast when she spent the night the other day... she had to pick her own blueberries! Which she LOVES to do because she gets to eat them straight from the bush! :) Who wouldn't enjoy it?!

OK... picking blueberries isn't hard at all, time consuming maybe, but it's fun to do because you get to eat as you do it. And there are so many blueberries on every plant. The only problem with it is the heat. And in Missouri, you can hardly ever get away from the heat while outside.

Here's Bapa showing off his crop of red potatoes. Yummy!!!

Luckily, my dad has spent years working on his soil so not only does he get a lot of good produce, digging up potatoes is really easy! My soil is hard as a rock but dad's potatoes can be dug up by hand. We did it that way last year! And the raised beds really help because you can sit on the edge and dig in!

My dad doesn't just do blueberries. He has a ton of plants! Just check out this zebra tomato... mmm....

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful inspirations and pictures. I’m your newest follower and look forward to your next ideas!

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