{Missouri} Lake of the Ozarks, Part 1

Yesterday we went to the Lake and enjoyed some boat time!!! It was the first trip of the summer and we are always afraid Lily will freak out. However, she did a great job once we got out of the car (a good 2 hour trip with a couple stops too). She spit up some juice on the way down but we think it was because she hadn't wanted any food for breakfast and so she had juice, and a hilly road, without anything to keep things down. She was ok though, so we kept going!

Here's Miss Lily and her daddy right after we launched off the dock.

Check out her new hat... a Disney Princess hat... that we had go buy in kid size because someone has a big head!

Checking out the scenery.

Enjoying a cheese stick as we boated to a good spot.

Pretty Girl!

Here we go! Daddy walking down the ladder, taking it slow.

Lily checking it out!

And she's in!

And she's not screaming!

We thought she'd like the extra floaty (is that even a real word?), which she ended up calling her green boat. She LOVED it.

There are a lot more photos, so come back to check out the other posts!

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