{Art} Baseball LOVE

One of my coworkers had a wedding shower last week and I knew from working with her that her wedding was going to incorporate baseballs and the color red. So, I came up with the following....

I love it! And luckily, so does she! They are 8x8" canvases that can be hung either as a 2 by 2 or all in a row, or even set up on a mantle or shelf because the canvases are 1.5" wide on the sides.

The letters are slightly outlined in black (only on parts) and then highlighted in silver. The red is a pretty, basic red that goes well with the St. Louis Cardinal's style red - not to bright, not to dark.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love these! It's so hard to come up with boy nurseries. This would make a perfect addition!



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