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The Missouri heat is killing us! It was super crazy hot for the longest time and we got a little stir crazy, so this week saw a few trips to the mall for us. One day, Doug came with us and we went shopping and had a good family day. The next day we went without him because he had to work (the life of a coach!) and I only wanted to go back because I had bought some clothes and as soon as I came home I had a coupon. So we returned in the mall, coupon in hand, to get the discount and buy a few more items.

Our mall added a carosel a few years back and Lily loves it! We didn't let her ride for awhile and we don't do it every time (it's $2 every time) but I had the cash on me and she loves it so much. Lily and I had lunch (Taco Bell of course as she is slightly addicted to their chicken burritos) and then we rode. While at the mall we also go to Barnes and Noble so she can play with their Thomas the Train train set. She also plays in the Kids Court for awhile. Normally I let her play until the big kids come through or it gets busy. You can tell that other parents are stir crazy too as there were a lot of parents of little ones there. But in this heat, you can't enjoy the park! Luckily though, the heat hasn't been as bad the past few days and even stormed yesterday. I love a good thunderstorm!

So that's what we've been doing. What have you been doing in the crazy heat?!

Her language is so fun lately...

After finding her empty candy container (M&M Minis) she asked: "Mommy, more?"
Me: No, we don't have any more.
Lily: "Car? More?" She knew we'd have to go to my car, to the store, to buy more. Too smart!
I'm surprised she just didn't ask to go to Walmart, as she knows that's the store. That'll probably be next week.

Earlier today she asked about Babby and Bapa (her grandparents) and I said we're going there later.
Lily: "Babby? Bapa?"
Me: "Yep, after naptime."
Lily: "Colby? Pete? Wyatt? Babby? Bapa? Babby's house?" and repeated. She listed everyone there, including the pets... how cute! Yesterday I asked her what the name of their cat was and she said "Colby" followed by "kitty kitty kitty!!"

I could post this stuff all day long. The girl is always talking! I'm going to have to print a bunch of this off and make a scrapbook for it. :-)

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