{Life Lately} Lily's Fort

The other morning, I walk into Lily's room and she asked if we could do a fort. I had covered her bed the other day with some of her bigger blankets and I knew that's what she wanted. So, I took her big blanket, covered her crib up, and then blocked the sides so it was cave like on one end. She LOVED it. Do you see her new (giant) pink pillow?!?! She loves sleeping with it, even if it does take up a good chunk of her bed.

In other news:

After getting some jelly beans from the jar, she bit into a red one and it must have been cinnamon (no more random bags of jelly beans from the grocery store, as they include some nasty flavors!).

L - "No like-y red jelly bean."
M - "OK" as Lily hands me a chewed on, sticky red blob.
L - "I like-y jelly bean. Mmmm. I like-y red jelly bean. E's (it's) good!!"

I have no idea why she will say that after she spits it out but she's done it a few times when she gets a bad bean. It's funny that she'll say it and I loved the whole conversation she had over the jelly bean. Her expressions definitely add to the cuteness factor!

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