{Life Lately} Boating Fun

My parents, Doug, Lily and I went boating last weekend and here are some of the pics. We went on a nearby river and it was still pretty high from all the flooding. It was nice and we went to the little island that no one was at luckily (it was packed the last time we went) so we got out and went swimming. My mom and I look for rocks but didn't find many keepers. I did, however, find a small snake that most likely was a copperhead. Luckily it kept it's distance as we circled each other so I could walk past it.

Driving the boat with her Babby. She loves to drive the boat!

The view of the river with hardly anyone on it. Soooo pretty!

Walking on the rocks. Luckily the island we went to is rocky and not sandy or muddy. We forgot her water shoes but her hippo crocs worked great!
Swimming in her "green boat" and showing off her skills! She loves swimming!
Hanging out with Babby and Bapa!
A funny story that happened while boating... I forgot her swim diapers at home and we took her regular diaper off so it wouldn't swell up. We weren't thinking when we came back on the boat for lunch and after we were done eating, I noticed something odd on the floor. The floor of the boat is a grey color and this was brown. I quickly realized what it was and looked at the culprit. She was pooping! And because she had nothing on and the swim suit is too large for her skinny butt (don't I wish that was my problem!), it slid right out! It was hilarious. Doug had to wash her off in the water and get everything else out.

After we continued swimming, we got poured on! A big storm came through and soaked us as we were trying to get out.

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