{Life Lately} Miss Musician

Lily has a set of play instruments at my parents' house that she loves! I can remember when she couldn't even figure out how to play the recorder and one day she finally learned she had to blow in it! Ever since that day, the house has been very loud with her music!

Not only is Miss Lily a musician but she's got a crazy booty shakin' thing going on!

The drumset velcros around her neck.
And here she's playing with my cousin, Lauren. They could almost be sisters in looks - same color hair (sometimes Lily's is a little more red, which goes towards Lauren's big sister Audrey) and they both have big, beautiful, blue eyes. We are looking forward to spending more time with Lauren as she now goes to the local university instead of living 12 hours away! Woo hoo!

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  1. That drum is too cute! If Madison get's one it's totally staying at my parents house, I could just hear her wanting to play while I'm trying to watch jersey shore :)


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