{Life Lately} Homecoming Parade

Yesterday was the high school's homecoming and the joy of living in a small town is that we got to have a parade! The Student Council at the high school puts it on and does a great job. The local sports teams all normally have a float (or a truck and flat bed trailer to show off all the kids) and so do the middle school and high school sport teams. There were also floats for the high school grades and other random items that change throughout the years. We got to ride in the middle school float for the cheerleaders and volleyball players. Lily wasn't sure at first but then she found Skittles!!

Here she is after the parade. Her outfit was too cute not to photograph but she wouldn't look at me for very long. I LOVE the boots! They are from Old Navy and I want them in my size (so does every adult that's seen them that likes boots). And of course there's pink in the outfit - her shirt and leggings. The skirt is cute too and I'm glad it still fits because it hasn't seen a lot of use!

Lily already knew she liked suckers and she definitely enjoyed a lot yesterday. Here she is showing off her favorite candy (well, her favorite might actually be M&Ms).

This was her yesterday morning with her jean jacket on and her hair wet from her bath. I love that when she says cheese she gets this biggest smile on her face. And yes, our tile floors have the biggest grout lines ever for small tile. It'll all disappear some day.


  1. Oh. my. goodness. I super love her outfit, M is totally going to need those boots for fall!! Now I'm going to have to drive by Old Navy today :) How cute is she!!!

  2. that girl is a fashionista! love the pink and animal print, so fun!


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