{Life Lately} Benefit Concert

My brother's friends used to be in a music group years and years ago. My brother had to be their biggest fan. And now, months after trying to set up a time that worked for everyone, they got together to put on a benefit concert for the Jimmy V cancer foundation. It was a really good concert and a lot of my family went to it - aunts, uncles, my one cousin that's in town, family friends, etc. The first pic is, obviously, of them (yes, I posted a pic where all their faces are blurred on purpose - the rest of the pics are on Facebook), and then the bottom is of my brother's best friend, me and the lumber jack looking guy is my husband. :-) Although the purpose of getting together was sad, it was great to see people enjoying their music again and to celebrate my brother in a positive, (semi) happy way. I hope they continue this for a yearly concert and to raise money for Jimmy V.

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  1. that's a great fund raiser and awareness raiser. good for you all. i've signed up to do a 5k walk in honor of my dad. this sounds way more fun!


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