{Holidays} Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Last year I remember walking into Gymboree and they had an adorable peacock costume. I was slightly obsessed with it. I was NOT obsessed with the $50+ price tag. And I thought I could do a better job. But I was also super broke last year due to student teaching and not having a paycheck. So enter this year where things are slight different (I have a paycheck!) and I kept thinking about the peacock. By the way, last year I found a super cheap and super cute giraffe costume at a garage sale that was in perfect condition.

So I continued my obsession with the peacock but I didn't want to pay more for something I wasn't too fond of (the Gymboree costume). It was cute but just not THAT cute. Know what I mean?

Enter Pinterest. Have you heard of the site? It's awesome. After looking and pinning a few awesome ideas, I came up with her costume. It was a giant tutu and although it hung a little lower than I wanted (more of chest high than where it ended up), it still looked great. I bought all different colors of tulle - black, teal, purple, light blue, light teal, blue glitter, and purple glitter. I wrapped them all around an elastic circle and added a bow and the neck piece to help hold it up. We ended up tying part of the back to the neck piece too in order to hold it up more. After the skirt was made, I added the peacock feathers to the back and hot glued them all.

This head piece was bought at Hobby Lobby, pre-made and was great. I want to keep it for future use for her or me. ;-)

Eating dinner before the fun begins!

Ready to go!

Mommy and Lily!

Her favorite item of the whole night - a teeny tiny mini pumpkin.

Walking with Babby and Papa.


  1. Beautiful costume. Ever thought of costume design instead of teaching?

  2. look at those eyes in that photo! crazy blue. i love the costume, and that headband is a great find.

  3. Your daughter looks adorable in her costume. I decided many months ago that my daughter was going to be a peacock for Halloween too. I knew I would make a tutu and was starting to come up with ideas to make a tail using real peacock feathers. Then I went into Gymboree back in Sept and saw their peacock costume. I decided to buy the tail since I was afraid the idea I had for the feathers wouldn't pan out. So I decided to buy the tail and the tights. I made a hair clip using real feathers. The best part was when people would compliment her and she'd say, "Thanks, my mama made it for me." Melts my heart.


  4. She looks adorable! It's amazing what you can do with a few yards of tulle. I love the headpiece, I'd definitely have to keep it for myself! haha

  5. Found you via Kelly's Korner. Loved the peacock idea, I may have to keep that one in the memory bank for next year!


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