{Life Lately} 2011 in Review

Oh 2011... how do I begin to sum you up?! Let's start with GOOD RIDDANCE!

The year started off with the passing of my uncle, then continued to go downhill with the passing of my dog Rugby, a great uncle, a great aunt, my brother, and the grandpa of two sets of cousins (as in my mom's brother in law's dads (both of 'em) - yeah, hard to follow). It also saw the passing of a fellow employee, a friend's mom, and my cousin's family dog. Yeah, it was rough. There was other bad news along the way for friends and family. I know I'm missing something negative.

The good news?! ... It doesn't outweigh the bad... but I need to focus on it.

We adopted Beefy in January.
We celebrated our 5 year anniversary.
Lily turned 2 in May.
My aunt and uncle bought a house only 25 minutes away (vs the 12+ hours previously).
I started my new job in August.
I turned 29 in September.
My cousin and her husband had a beautiful wedding reception at a local art gallery.
We adopted Krypto in November.

We celebrated Christmas with friends and family.
We left for Florida (and returned on the 1st, ending the year on a good note).

Some other good news - weddings, babies (not mine - just a few friends and coworkers that have baby fever, plus my husband's cousins who have had one and the other is pregnant with another), and we all have our jobs for another semester of kiddos (lots o' teachers in the family!)

So what does 2012 have in store for our little family!??

I should graduate in May. I have two more classes to finish. I'm enrolled in one that starts in a week and the one following that is my capstone/portfolio class.
Hopefully all of us get contracts for another year of work!
Lily will turn 3!!!!
I will turn 30! How did that happen?!?!
And who knows... maybe some other good news will come our way that will outweigh all the horrible-ness from last year!


  1. So... 2011 sounds like it was a pretty crap-tastic year. Boo. Here's to hoping 2012 will bring less stress and unhappiness for the both of us! Cheers.

  2. Yay for graduating, and no worried 30's not so bad :) I'm more upset about my baby turning 3 too!

  3. Lily is adorable!

    And to answer your question on the peacock invites, I actually just have them printed at FedEx.


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