{Florida} Vacation

We are back from Florida! And because I don't feel like writing a long post, I'll just post some high lights. More posts and pictures will follow as soon as I get them all uploaded (having troubles with my usb port) and once they are edited.


The three of us flew down thanks to my parents getting us tickets.
Flying with a 2 year old was not as bad as I thought.
Layovers suck.
The Atlanta airport is not child friendly. It's boring and ugly.
Tampa's airport is child friendly, clean and pretty.
Our hotel was great - ocean views out our front and back doors!
Seagulls are insane.
Pelicans are fun to watch.
Manatees are amazing!
Swimming with manatees was a once in a life time experience!
Manatees are HUGE animals!
Some people need to shut up and follow directions around the manatees.
We saw one of John Travolta's Florida homes.
I still don't like sea food or the smell of it.
72 degree water is cold, even with a wet suit.
75 degree air temps are great in December.
Lily LOVES the beach.
Lily would have been on Cloud Nine if we sat on the beach all day, every day.
It's nice to be home and sleep in our own bed.
It was not nice to wake up and see it's only 26 degrees outside.

Now our normal life continues. No more vacation (well, in 2 days) and it's back to the daily grind. I go and pick up the dogs today. I'm thinking that the next time we go on vacation I will pay for a house sitter and not take them to the kennel. I just need to find a house sitter. Maybe my friend's daughters will do it?! Not important...

Lily goes back to daycare.
I need to clean up my classroom and prepare for my new set of 125+ students.
The hubs has practice to coach.
Christmas needs to be put away.
Cleaning the house.

I'll leave ya with a photo from the trip...

Oh, and I almost forgot... this trip marked off two of my items on my 40 before 40 list - Family Vacation and Go to the Beach. Woo hoo!

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