{Front Door} Spring To Do List

Ahh, Spring... it's right around the corner. And you know what that means... my to do list comes out. The same to do list that's been nagging me for a few years. You know the one... it's the one that starts with PAINT THE FRONT DOOR! I always want to do it on one of my school breaks so Lily is at daycare but the weather never coorporates. Or something else comes up. But I am sick of it! Last summer my dad helped take out the mail slot and filled it in so it's really time to paint it. Plus, I've owned the paint for maybe 2 years now. I even took pictures to blog about it... so here's the before... isn't it ugly?!?!

Beware... it's a very ugly door...

Look at the ugliness. The silver frame is one's left over from an old screen door. Long gone before we moved in. Same goes for the hinge on the top left. The mail slot has been removed (see below) but the ugly baby poop brown and red combo has to go! We bought new hardware when we moved in so you can see the original brown of the door underneath where a brass rectangle thing was that had to be removed.

Close up of the hardware. I'd pick a different color if doing it again but we liked it best of all the choices, so it's staying. Everything needs fixed on this door though, including the caulking around the sides.

It's actually slightly better than this as it's been filled with wood filler. But you can see how it needs a lot of work. The previous owners put a lot of screws and hooks in the door to hold various signs (I'm guessing) and none are filled in.

So I am going BLACK. No one agrees with me on the color but I think it'll look nice. It'll at least be better. I may change it at some point but black is what I've wanted for years now. I think it'll look good with the brick and the white porch swing we have. I want to add some personality to our front porch in the form of color, pillows and a few accessories. We have white beadboard on the ceiling which is nice.

We are also going to buy a screen door. It's picked out and everything... just have to remember which company we found it at! It'll either be in wood or I'm thinking white. It'll be nice to have a screen door though so we can open the door to both the front and back porches and get a nice breeze going in the warmer months. We'll just have to put some locks on it so the dogs and Lily don't escape!

Oh, and we're also either going to paint the mail box (already have it too) until we can find a new mail box. We want a vintage looking one but those are either impossible to find or super expensive. I did find a nice option though at Pottery Barn that is a modern version of an envelope that may match the door hardware.

P.S. Told you that door was ugly!


  1. wowzers, that is some door! but i love all the windows-so much light must come in, no? that's what i don't like about our door-there's just a row of windows at the top that hardly let in any light.

  2. I think black will be a big improvement and I like the idea of a white screen door with it! Can't wait to see it!


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