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Almost 3 months 'til Lily's THIRD birthday! Where has time gone?!???

She's wearing mostly 4T clothing after a growth spurt made her legs super long. I prefer longer shirts on her so that when she moves, her belly doesn't show. 3T clothing still works but some are really tight and some shirts get a little short.

Her shoe size makes me wonder. I bought a pair of 10s because that's what fit her but I think it's the brand (Sketchers). She still fits in her size 9 boots and other shoes and even her size 8 hippo sandles (like crocs).

She continues to wear a size 4 diaper, which she's been wearing for over a year plus (probably closer to almost 2 years). Hopefully we won't buy many more diapers and switch over to pull ups and panties but we haven't had much luck lately. She did use the potty at daycare a few times again this week.

We'll go in for her well child visit in 3 months and I wonder what her percentages will be like. She was in the 80th last time with her head near 100%.

She's getting more freckles - two on her face, one on her arm (maybe one on both), one on her butt, plus her mole still. The mole hasn't changed much but it has gotten bigger as she grows. I'm sure it'll come off some time, but I hate the thought of her scaring right on her hand.

She's dying to go outside. She thinks it's warm every time the sun is out, even with today's snow she still thought it was warm. She sees her swing set in the backyard out our back window and she wants to go play.

Speaking of her swing set, I think we're all planning on working on the rest of her play set for her birthday. I'm wanting a place for her to play (like a house or something) with a large slide and some climbing equipment. The whole thing needs a border and some mulch around it, as I'm sure the grass won't grow much around it if she uses it as much as we think she will. I have some plans that I've found through Ana White's site and others that I'd love to have in our backyard.

She enjoys her books, puzzles, Barbies (my old ones), and music. She's not really into dolls (like my old Cabbage Patch that I gave her) or stuffed animals. She'll carry one around maybe once a week after a long nap or a bad night of sleep, but nothing like some kids that'll carry around one every where.

She's off of Dora and has been for almost 2 weeks. She's on to Bob the Builder right now but her favorite is anything with music, mainly her "green dinosaur" movie. I think it's Baby Genius brand but they sing random songs with stuffed animals, kids, and animated shorts. She needs another one or two for some variety.

She has so many toys that I actually have some put away that she was given at Christmas. I may go through and box some of her older stuff up (which I've done at least twice now). There are just a lot that take up room that she plays with only when I'm putting them away or when she dumps the whole box out on the floor. We're lacking storage space for everything and we have baskets, boxes, and shelves everywhere for her stuff!

She's roughly 35 lbs. She's my skinny girl for being so tall and muscular!

She's loving daycare most days and will come home to tell me her best friend is Kelly and that she doesn't like Brenden. She has a lot of boys in her age group so it's nice to hear her talk about a couple girls. It's weird to think that I was just a little older than Lily when I met two of my life long best friends. These girls, and boys, could be her best friends for years and years to come. Maybe they'll be having sleep overs in a few years at our house (or theirs') or playing in our back yard. She really enjoys her teachers too and that's always good!!

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  1. Getting so big!! Yeah, M's feet just grow and grow at a crazy pace, she's in a 9\10 too. The amount of shoes that kid has is crazy nuts :)


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