{Life Lately} Summer Vacation

Is it weird to look forward to summer vacation because I'm eager to finish projects around my house? A few months off work is great too... but I really want to get things done around here!

By May 18th (last day of work), I will *hopefully* (one more class to finish) graduate with my master's degree. I'm working on the last big project and I'm ready to be done!

I have a week of "freedom" (aka Lily's at daycare) before her THIRD birthday party to finish up some loose ends.... mainly four things....

Buy new cushions for our patio furniture after Krypto tore up everything.

Paint front door. Must. Do. This. ASAP.

Find and purchase 95" white sheer curtains. You'd think this would be easy, yet everyone is sold out of the type I want (see these at Target.. they'd be perfect but are too short!)


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