{Food} Baby Shower Cake

Cutting off the top of the cake. I purposely overfilled my pans to make sure I had enough! You hate to have short cakes!!

All nice and even now! It's ready to be stacked.

Think I need a bigger mixer?!? It's a good thing I was only doing a 12" round and a 6" square! I did have plenty of left overs for cupcakes too, but this definitely wouldn't be enough to do much more.

Layered 12" cake for the bottom on a nice silver board.

Crumb coat. Take some of the cut off tops and mix with some frosting. This helps the cake be nice and smooth for the frosting layer.

Delicious buttercream going on. I could have left it at that and smoothed it out, but I wanted to go one step further.

Rolled fondant. It's definitely worth a try if you've never had it... but I do roll mine out really flat (like no thicker than 1/4") and it's placed on top fo the buttercream - something that seemed to surprise many people.

All smooth now.

Added decoration. Baby blue rolled fondant cut in strips (see below).

Strips. This is the time when you need a pasta roller or a pizza cutter so that all strips can be the same width. I eyeballed mine and did a decent job.

The final cake. It's so cute!
A little elephant (his nose had some issues...). I loved how I was able to get the blue icing to match the blue fondant without much trouble.

What was left over of the 12" layer cake. She took the 6" square to work the next day and we all ate some at lunch again.
So there's the cake I made... I'll post the recipes later. The chocolate one is from Kevin and Amanda (delicious! I did use mini chocolate chips instead of regular, but that's the only difference) and I forgot where the white cake recipe cake from but I'll find it on my other computer and put it on here. It's definitely a recipe to try again for another party... they were both delicious! The buttercream came from Kevin and Amanda too but I do still want to find my own. This one is really good but just not as good as I've had previously (like with my previous job... that was to die for!).


  1. Whoa! Wish I could bake like that, it turned out so cute!! Now I'm DYING for some cake :)

  2. Cute Cake. Great tutorial. Did you know that Wilton makes a strip roller? My husband bought it for me. Works pretty well for making a variety of size strips...you can make wavy ones too. Just thought I'd pass on the info from one caker to the next.


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