{Holidays} Easter 2010 and 2011

After posting the Easter pictures from today, I thought I'd look at the pictures from 2010 and 2011. Lily was almost one in 2010 and she actually started walking on Easter. Easter 2010 was great and all seemed well in the world. 2011 was a completely different story. My brother wasn't doing well but we tried to have a normal holiday. I put three of my favorite photos from each year so the post wouldn't be long.
Crawling on the floor in her bedroom. Such a cutie!!

Sitting on our porch swing.

Family photo, 2010.
Hanging with Uncle Jesse, 2011.

Family photo, 2011.

Tired Lily, 2011. She was exhausted by then and you can tell by her chin, she had already enjoyed her share of chocolate!

Happy Easter everyone!

More photos from 2011 can be seen here in Part 1 and Part 2.

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