{Holidays} Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Miss Lily is our shinning star and has gotten us through a lot as a family so instead of focusing on that, I'm going to focus on her. And her Easter this year.

We stayed at our house for the hunt and then went out to lunch with my cousin, aunt, uncle, parents, and our little family of three. My other cousin was working during the time and got to come over for a few minutes for going to work. Plus, she was our waitress, so that was kind of fun. Too bad she couldn't have been eating with us though, but when you're 21, the money is always good when you can make it!

As you can tell by the photos to come (there's a lot!), the Easter bunny was very generous. :-)

Getting into the swing of it after some help with the first few eggs.
Finding the eggs in the front flower garden.

Sneaking some chocolate in with Babby and cousin Lauren.

Enjoying the egg hunt (this was basket number 1 of 3!)

One of the best photos we've had in awhile.

LOVE this photo!!!

Counting her loot.

Walking the bridge after lunch.

The other bridge (not in service anymore) and the Missouri River.

Turtles! There was a snake too but I don't think he's in this shot.

Lily's new favorite toy after the Easter bunny left some for her. She is in love with "George" the horse (she didn't name it, she'e never named anything but likes to have names for things) and it was "Brad" the turtle but then she said it was a girl, so I think we've decided on Daisy. Those two must be her favorite as they made the cut for lunch and our the only two she's carrying around with her right now.

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  1. My sister is a waitress too, we love to go have her 'serve's :) ha ha! All your pictures are so good, I love her dress and boots!!! Your weather was better than ours, it poured today so we did a ghetto egg hunt in the house!


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