{Front Porch} The Mailbox

One more thing off the list!


Before with the door that needs painted desperately!


This is a temporary fix until we can find the perfect, more vintage type of mailbox that both the hubs and I want. But have you priced vintage style mailboxes?! Insane!

Anyway... I'm on a yellow thing lately and I figured this would go well with the new pillow, the soon to be painted front door, and some of the other accents like flowers.

I know the pic has a nice glare but I just put it back up and it's almost 9 here.

So for all that mumbo jumbo about painting... I did wash it first as it was really gross and it got the residue off from a previous (really old too) sticker. I then sanded it as there is some rust and popped up paint (but too not too much because I'm lazy and wanted it over with!). I coated it with a few coats of primer and then a few coats of the yellow paint. All in all, I'm happy with the transformation and it was right up our alley with being cheap ... just the cans of paint with some left over to paint something else. The primer was used on something else today too but it's not done yet!


  1. Hey girl! So glad you found my linky party! You did a great job turning a drab mailbox into something fab :)

    Love your adorable blog!

    Below is the link for today's party! Come on back and link up some more of your posts (old or new)


    Have a lovely weekend :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice


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