{Hallway} Tall, Teal and Beautiful

Yesterday I showed you my inspiration for the house but I didn't tell you what I was going to do with it. It will be for the majority of the house but the main two rooms you see as soon as you walk in (living room and dining room) are already painted and I am NOT doing that again any time soon in there, I wanted to add a punch of color some where else.

Enter my hallway. It's not much of a hallway, but more of a small area where four rooms branch off from - the dining room, bathroom and two bedrooms (Lily's current room and what I continue to call Lily's future room).

I hadn't touched the hallway since we moved in other than to strip the paint off of the bathroom door frame when I painted the bathroom years ago. It took a lot longer than expected and still didn't give me the look I wanted, although beautiful wood. So it stayed there as is.

BEFORE - door to left is Lily's current room, opening on right is to dining room.
BEFORE - with our semi-nonfunctional door bell (as in it only works some times and isn't loud enough to hear through the house, but I found out why after taking it down).
Coat #1. Door to the left is to Lily's future room, open door is to the bathroom (obviously).
First coat. See that horizontal line on the left? It's a bump out area that was added later to allow a vent to go upstairs. I'm thinking of putting a frame above and below it to distract the eye.
Second coat.
First coat done, shot into the bathroom and Lily's current room. You can see that I've started painting the trim to the bathroom as well. It's the same white that I've painted all the rest of the trim in the house I've repainted (living room, dining room, the upstairs).
Dark - it was late and it's a tough corner to capture.
It's not done yet - I still need to fix/buy a new doorbell, finish painting the trim to the bathroom, paint all three doors (that'll be a bigger job for later), and hang up some items. I also want to paint the light fixture too. But it's definitely a big change!!! We'll see what my family thinks about it this weekend when we have Lily's birthday party!

The color is Ocean Soul in Valspar at Lowe's. It's paint and primer in one and went on extremely well! And isn't that name great?!

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  1. Awesome pop of color! Great choice. I wish my husband would let me have something like this...hmmm....maybe I can work on that.

  2. That is bold.. but it really does look great. and it makes that awesome woodwork stand out. Nice choice!

  3. I love the white against the blue color! It really does just pop off the wall at you. I also love the moulding work around your doors. I may have to repeat those in my own home.

    Thanks for linking up to Point of View!

  4. Beautiful color! It looks gorgeous next to your pretty trim! Love it!

  5. If that seam on your wall is at a do-able height, you could do board and batten on that wall (and your hall)... can't tell how high it is in the picture. It looks like it would blend nicely with the original style of your house as well, and then your teal walls would REALLY pop if you painted it the same color as your trim. I love bold colors in a hallway!

  6. Looks really good. I am really feeling the moody teal color.

  7. I love how the blue makes the beautiful molding stand out! I've been really obsessed with blue paint lately & I just painted parts of my living room in a darker grey/blue color.
    I'm stopping by from Give Me The Goods Monday (#20 How To Make Your Own Baby Food)

  8. I was just on Commona-My House blog and saw your hall redo....I love the dark color. You sure did a great job . I would love it if you would link up with us at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!



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