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Many people have whole house color schemes. Two of my favorite blogs, Teal & Lime and Young House Love both have them and their own ways of coming up with them.

I'm slowly coming around to one. My inspiration? Nature of course. But there's a slight twist. My "nature" has been enhanced by Gump's. Have you heard of them? Gorgeous!! Here are two of my ornaments that I keep up year round. They are too pretty to put away.

My mom gave me this peacock not too long ago and I love the colors. And there's just a bit of glitter on it to make it extra special.
A beautiful seahorse that I've had for years. It's super fragile so I feel that it's safer hanging up than in a box crammed with other ornaments. So it hangs on our wine cabinet (which is why those glasses are in the back ground).

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I totally do that with some of the girls' old clothes. The color combinations are so great I can't get rid of them because I know I want to use it someday with some project.


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