{Life Lately} Local Yard Art

As we continue to work on our yard, I can't help but think that our yard needs some personality with some yard art.

Last week, my parents took us out to eat for Lily's birthday. After dinner we went on a walk around the neighborhood and saw some great pieces.
This could easily be made using old vases, glass bowls and plates. I may attempt this later this summer.
At first we thought this was a crocodile but soon realized it's a hippo! We love hippos in this family and so we had a special spot in our little hearts for this guy.
We love Buddhas more than hippos (at least I do) and so this guy was just awesome.
This yard had gorgeous plants, the Buddha and the hippo. My mom said we needed to meet the people who lived there. I wish I could have taken more photos but really was nervous that someone would come out wondering what the crazy woman was doing.

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