{Upstairs} New Bedding

I wish I had remembered this BEFORE it was a dark, but oh well.

A couple of months ago, I bought new bedding from Target for our bed. We have had the same old comforters for a long time and although many were still in good shape, I was bored. I need to make or buy some duvets but I saw this dark grayish silver and had to get it. Sorry for the late night photo and that it's from my iphone, but that's real life people.

I finally bought two king size pillows to fill the shams. We are still using our regular size pillows. I'm a picky pillow person. :) The large chocolate brown pillow is a body pillow and our white furry pillow has been on my lust list for a long time now. I finally had to buy it when Target had it on sale awhile back. My friend noticed it and laughed, knowing how much I loved it while shopping with her.

Look at the face!

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