{Lily} Miss Lily is 3!

Alright, where has time gone?!?! My little girl is now 3. THREE!

I'm a little late taking her yearly photos in the local park, but it'll happen this week and I'll post. But just for fun, let's look back on the last few visits.

I actually visited on May 20, 2009 - it was our three year anniversary, I was off from work, and I was hoping (praying, crossing my fingers, wishing on every star, anything positive!) that Lily would arrive if I would walk. So I walked. And walked. I was huge and sooo ready for her to be here. But she waited 3 days to make her wonderful appearance.

Here she is at the hospital, just a few minutes old. Daddy was already smitten and so was I, but I was still in the whole "lay flat, don't move, you just had major surgery that wasn't planned" thing and well, I was following doctor's orders!

Fast forward a year and here we are. We started a tradition that I hope continues way after she's sick of it and starts complaining about it. My mother-in-law made her shirt, something she's continued since. I love it. We also kept up the pink fabric with white polka dots. I don't think the 1 is the same as 2 and 3, but its close if not.

Big, beautiful eyes.

She was a walking machine! She learned to walk by 11 months so she was on a roll! And who can resist a baby's back side and those chubby little legs? Her hair had just a slight bit of curl to it but it's hard to see.

I get this look some days...

And here's 2... and she was impossible to photograph this day. She was definitely on the move in her new light up shoes. I went with a jean skirt and her numbered shirt for something different. We'll see what Miss Picky lets me get away with this year. That skirt probably still fits her now, as it was falling off of her then. And look at those curls! They have definitely filled in a lot since but haven't gotten much longer.

Little bit of an attitute and wondering what is going on. She's definitely not into the look at the camera and smile phase. And check out her hair. It's insane!

And just for fn, here's her at her birthday party last year. This photo really shows her hair color. Some days it goes blonde, some days there's some red. I'm hoping for strawberry blonde!

And one of my favorite photos of the three of us. Daddy and Mommy matching (accidently but still nice!) and an outfit made by Grandma!
Side note... those are the cushions that some white dog tore up and the bushes aren't looking so hot thanks to his mad digging skills....

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