{Front Yard} Foundation Stones, part 3

Read all about the foundation stones here and here for the other areas of the house. This post is about the front bed (behind the giant holly in the picture below).

The previous homeowner(s) didn't do much in the landscaping department. They did maybe 50 years ago when they planted what now are giant bushes, but other than that, nothing. To the left of our sidewalk (on the opposite side of the bushes) was a very small, plain, somewhat empty flower bed with small wood boarders. Wood (in our mind) + moisture = termites. We're not fond of 'em, so we wanted them gone. Plus, it was small and ugly. I'm sorry I didn't get great before shots. This was right as we were moving in and then I didn't think much about it during the next step.

See? Not much going on.
Here's Doug removing the concrete stepping stones that were basically covered up with grass and weeds, making it a small hazard when mowing. We (ok, he did all of this) pulled them all up and we set them aside, knowing some day we may reuse them. It only took 2+ years for me to do something with them...

But you can see there's not much going on in this garden. Irises, sure, and some sedum (the stuff with yellow flowers) but not much else.

Oh, and I know you're jealous of the crazy purple bird. Lily was obsessed with it for a whole summer last year.

And after! Well, not the completely made over after. But better!

See the wood planks? That's the border. We threw those things to the curb as fast as possible. I've since replanted many of the irises to the south side of our house with the others and have moved some of those sedums around too. My goal is to have this side of the house as my Moon Garden (or all white garden) and I'm slowly working on getting some great looking plants. Right now it's a mix of colors as I use annuals to fill in spaces and planters. A few of my plants haven't made it, so they'll be replaced eventually. My goal plants to include would be some white lilies, daisies (got 'em), Columbine, moon vine, hibiscus, and many others. I want a variety so it's layered and they bloom all throughout the season.

I'm also thinking of doing some small evergreens in this area too. I'd love to do a blue spruce or a Fat Albert spruce in the yard (where there was once a giant tree... we know this because there's still a giant hole!) and some other small greenery that would be pretty throughout the winter too. Especially once that stupid holly is gone. He's a thorn in my side some days... ok, every day I look at him!

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