{Front Yard} Foundation Stones, part 2

I showed you here what Lily's Garden looked like full of foundation stones. We knew we had more than we needed for her garden, so we found places within our front yard for some extras. Doug had in his mind that we would have one big one near the street and that some day (still hasn't happened) I will paint our address numbers on it. Our house has the numbers, but it's impossible to see and for some reason people get it confused with the house across the street. Anyway... here are the pics for the front yard and how Doug manhandled the rock into place.

First, he dug the hole. We spaced it far enough away from our sidewalk that we could some day rebuild the sidewalk (not he one behind him right now, but to the right, leading up to our house) wider than what we have right now. This would allow extra width without getting too close to the big rock, 'cause he's not moving any time soon!

Seriously big. This photo doesn't do it justice.

Here it is compared to Doug. He's roughly 5'10" and well built, so that should give you an idea of how massive this rock was. 

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