{Front Yard} Foundation Stones

Some how these photos never ended up on here... so here's the best type of before shots of Lily's Garden that I have on this computer. Maybe some day I can check on the old Mac's hard drive (it's still good although the laptop is just a giant paperweight now).

Here we are bringing in the big toys. That's my dad's tractor and about the only thing we could use to move some of the foundation stones we found on Craigslist. That and Doug's strength. :)

The side garden before anything. This was obviously taken after the rocks sat there long enough for the grass to grow around them. This was also pre-fence too. See that concrete in the back? That's our giant patio. See the building in the far back? That's a local elementary school. School's make for nice neighbors. :)

Oh, the stump. Good golly that thing was ugly and massive. The plant itself, before being cut down, was probably over 9 feet tall. And ugly. Plain Jane for sure.

One of the biggest rocks. We loved his little character with the corner piece missing, so we sat him upright. I'll have to do a before and after photo with this one now that I've found it. He's surrounded by my hydrangeas now. I'm not sure what happened to that yellow daisy flower though... it didn't make it last year.

And the reason behind all the madness. Our little Miss Lily back when she was just 1. Short hair, her red car, and a bottle.

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