{Project} Mirror Makeover

Last summer I went to an auction and found three big mirrors for less than $5 each. I think I paid $2 each. One was in great condition and is now sitting on our mantel. It's framed in a pretty wood. The second is framed in plastic and may get a paint makeover at some point but it's hanging up in Lily's room. The plastic color matched Lily's trim perfectly and she loves her mirror. The third is a completely different story.

The mirror was huge though and I could see potential. Really, though, how can you go wrong with a mirror for $2?!

Then the mirror sat in our junk room, waiting for it's makeover. I wasn't sure what to do but I knew that the frame was chippy and needed replaced or removed.

I chose to remove it. My chisel and hammer were all I needed. And some elbow grease. And time, but I had my buddies to help me... 
My model boy, Krypto

My girl Zoey.
See the cracks? Yeah... not pretty.

After I removed the two rows of broken stuff. What's left over was nearly impossible to remove and will be covered up!

Some stuff just wouldn't get off, but that's ok because it'll be covered up.
Stay tuned for the final project!

Showing off at:
A Glimpse Inside

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