{Farm} Papa's Garden

My dad has an amazing garden that he's been working on for years. Over the past few years, he made the forms for raised beds and used poured concrete to fill them up. He had an actual concrete company come out, not just the stuff made from a bag. He's serious people!

Some of his things are not in raised beds. Raspberries run the length of the garden, blueberries are both inside the garden and directly on the outside edge. Asparagus is not in a bed. A few other plants, plus all of the trees, aren't in the beds as well. The majority of plants, however, are in the beds. Peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, rhubarb, cantaloup, watermelon, and probably a few more that I'm not thinking about.

Black raspberries and blackberries are on the other side of the drive way on support systems that he made himself years ago. The fruit trees are near the garden and include apple, peach, and cherry.

The entire garden, besides what I listed above not inside it, is fenced in. This protects the produce from their two dogs but mainly from the deer. They live out in the middle of no where and have two fences - one for the yard, to keep the dogs in, and one around the garden for extra protection for the plants. 

I didn't photograph everything he has but he has many varities of some of the plants, such as potatoes and peppers.

Enjoy the tour, it'll make you hungry for home grown, pesticide free fruits and veggies.

Raspberries in a row.
Raspberry pickin' in the jammies.
Picking raspberries with Papa. Don't you love her little hat?
Someone enjoying raspberries.
Onion flower
Onion flower having some issues blooming.
Giant raised beds made from concrete.
Raised beds, blueberry plants and hops plants (the really tall trellis).
Tomatoes and peppers. Hops in the background.
More beds with an assortment of veggies.
Frames around each pepper plant to keep the leaves off the ground. Tags made of extra pieces of aluminum siding, bent over the wire and attached.
Peppers and one with a little nibble.
Swallows eating the nightly bugs.

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