{Food} Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

After deciding on making the Jello Cake for the 4th, I thought I'd try something else that could be eaten on go since I knew there'd be lots of kids (and adults) moving around a lot. I didn't want to do cupcakes and I had seen on Pinterest a great idea of coating marshmallows and putting them on sucker sticks. I didn't even feel like using sucker sticks... I wanted these to be easy and quick, both for me and the poeple eating them.

I used one whole bag of regular marshmallows and one bag of coconut covered. I melted some chocolate candy melts and used maybe 2/3 of the bag for all of the marshmallows. I then dipped the ends in sugar - red and blue of course!

In the future, I'd probably either pick a different type of sprinkles or just leave them off. The sugar added an extra crunch that wasn't the most pleasing. But everyone ate them and so I'll probably do them again. It'd be an easy addition to any buffet and the colors could be changed for any holiday. Orange, purple and black for Halloween? Red and green for Christmas?


  1. Those are so good. I usually make them with just crushed graham crackers on them like a smore( is their a singular text?) and people love them . But I think next time I do make them , I might do without the sticks like you said. Who needs them anyway?

  2. i love this idea, and that they can totally go with any colors for holiday, shower, etc. only thing-i HATE marshmellows. i like to squish them, but not eat them. if i did, these would totally be on my to do list! glad everyone loved them.


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