{Food} Flag Cake

When we went out to my Great Uncle's place for the 4th, I knew I'd want to make something. So after some Pinterest browsing, I settled on a jello cake. The thing is, is that when I got there my dad's cousin also made two but they were different. She included jello and pudding, where as mine is just with jello. I actually never tasted hers although it looked really good. There were just too many other delicious treats - homemade vanilla AND chocolate ice cream, chocolate pie (I had one little nibble), lemon meringue (never tasted it), peach cobbler (delicious!), cupcakes, and the jello cakes. Lots of yummy goodness!!

Sorry for the blurry photo,I could have sworn it wasn't...

Here's the inside. Mmmm...

Recipe, in case someone wants to know...

Cake mix (vanilla), baked as directed. I used two cake mixes to fill my 11 by 15" pan.
Ingredients from box - eggs, oil, water (to bake as directed).

Jello mixture - I actually didn't follow the directions on the box but thought I read these from somewhere else, sorry I can't give a source though. I didn't write it down and I looked at at least 5-10 different recipes. But my jello mixture was one regular box of strawberry jello, mixed with 2 cups boiling water til dissolved and then I added 1 cup cold water.

Cake needs to be baked and cooled, then poke holes in it every inch or so with a fork.

Take hot jello mixture and pour evenly over cake.

Let cool for an hour. I let mine cool over night.

Ice with Cool Whip. I used two regular containers and had a little left over to nibble on with some extra strawberries.

Decorate as you want, I obviously used blueberries for the blue part and cut strawberries for the stripes.

Cool in fridge (we did about an hour in the freezer to keep it from melting on the 30-40 minute drive).


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