Happy 4th of July!

Every year (or the past four or so) we've been going to my Great Uncle's house. He has a great location for large family gatherings plus a big lake to go swimming, boating, and fishing in. He's the proud papa of 9 kids and almost (I think) 30 grandkids. It can be a lot of people! Last year a bunch of them came in from out of state but I have no idea what today will bring. Anyway, I thought I'd post pictures of Lily over the years...

2009 - She had the cutest outfit given to her for the Fourth and we didn't take a good picture. She handled the noise well but it was hot, she was tired and so this is the best shot of her - sleeping away in her cute outfit.

2010 - This doesn't even look like her! Cute dress, my necklace on and a giant flower.Don't even get me started on me in this photo...

2010 - Lily and her Bapa.

2010 - that's the lake in the background. Isn't it great?

2011 - She had changed after swimming and it was cold enough last year to allow pants. That will definitely not be the case this year!

2011 - Playing ladder ball with daddy, Bapa and Uncle Charlie.

2011 - Fireworks and family. That's not even half of the people that were there! Every year they set up a large board with pre-drilled holes that then get bottle rockets in them. They are all tied together so when you light one end, it'll go across the board and go off in a line. It's a lot of fun and definitely a sight to see and hear. I'm not sure what it'll be like this year with the drought and heat issues. I'd like to have Lily try a sparkler or snake at least.

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