Front Door, Day 3

Is it really just Day 3?!?! Maybe I forgot and didn't count right... it feels like it's been forever! The door is basically done, it needs some cleaning up around the windows and the edges but I'm not taking it off again, especially now that it's 3 digit weather here in Mid-MO! But, I am working on the door frame now. The below picture shows how large the caulk (and some other stuff) was between the door and the house bricks. It had started to crack really bad and hasn't taken much to get off. Luckily there's not a lot of that poop brown paint color on the bricks. There's some, but it could be a lot worse.
I'm not done but I think I'll stop for the day. Heat, chemicals, and no breeze is not a good combo. So here are the pictures...

Oh, and if you want, you can see Day 1 here, Day 2 (part 1) here and Day 2 (part 2) here. And here it is before I started.

Ugh... this side pisses me off. They stripped the board to place the wiring for the doorbell underneath the metal frame for the screened door. The board is basically ruined!
Random screw hole (probably from screen door) and all the layers of paint.
Pretty wood underneath 3+ layers of paint.
You can kind of see a groove in the wood (same piece as where the door hinge used to be, running vertically). It's a pain to clean out but I think it's a nice detail.

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