{Flowers} Star Gazers

Some times I forget what I've planted in Lily's Garden and end up with a nice surprise. This would be one of those times.

A month or so ago I told my mom that I wanted a star gazer lily for the garden but hadn't seen one for sale, not to mention the horrible drought that we're in and that nothing is surviving. Thankfully we've been watering and have kept the majority of our new plants alive. We have lost two miniature trees and a few plants I bought on clearance, but the other stuff (our oak leaf hydrangea and Japanese maple) are surviving.

Anyway, back to this lily. The plant looks horrible but then all of a sudden came some beautiful blooms! It's the only flower still producing so it's been nice to see. It is planted right next to my lavender, which you can barely see at bottom of the photo. Some day I'll get wider shots of the plants and beds again.

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