{Front Door} Update

Not much has happened on the front door progress, but my dad is going to help me fix the broken board (that was hiding the wires for the door bell).
I've continued the removal process of all this old, black, dried up caulk (we're guessing). The stuff is everywhere and takes some hard work to get out. The caulk, both the black hard stuff and the white stuff shown below on the right, is everywhere. The bricks have the caulk all over them.
The bricks also have a thin line of the brown poop paint color. I'm hoping that we will be able to cover some of it up when we finish the door up and then it'll all get painted too. I've been able to scratch some of the paint off but not all of it. I may, at some point, try to use a liquid paint remover but I'd hate to ruin the bricks at all.

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