{Play Yard} Stairs

The stairs are complete!! No more ladder climbing. 

My dad and Doug worked all day a couple days ago after Doug poured the concrete base. They measured, cut and got things ready until they ran out of time that evening.

Today things went much quicker because of everything they did previously. We (and by we I mainly mean my dad) worked on finishing things up. We got the steps done and all screwed together. He also made two hand rails for both sides and got those up. They are made from cedar, the steps are treated. I'll let the pictures describe the rest. 

Here's the top where it meets the base of the "castle". 

Here's a side view of all the cut outs that my dad and Doug did. 

I know this is a weird angle but my phone and Blogger won't fix it. Doug scratched and M, D, L and 12 (for the year) in the concrete. The M and D got covered up but you can still see the 12 and L. 

DONE! Well, before the handrails went up...

Krypto hasn't figured it out that it's not for him. He'll get up to about this level and jump off. I really hope he doesn't kill himself but some day we'll have the whole thing fenced in.

And here's the Princess checking it out! Check out that gorgeous cedar used for the handrails. Nice and soft, hopefully no splinters!

Here's her climbing up to go on her slide, which she did at least 10 times tonight! 

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