{Ohio} Cedar Point's Beach

Ahh, finally, my phone allowed the photos to be uploaded. I also finally got around to trying for the third or fourth time...

Anyway, these are obviously from our trip to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago. While at the theme park we went through one of their side gates to get onto the beach. There's something so relaxing about water and the beach, whether it's the ocean or a really big lake that makes you think it should be the ocean (as in you can't see the other side!).

Here's a shot for Lily, who wasn't with us but we were thinking about her. 

The bird prints in the sand made for a great pattern and it definitely made me wish I had my better camera.
The view from the beach of two of the rides we rode.

Doug in the water. It wasn't the warmest water ever, but it wasn't terribly cold either.


And of course, to celebrate...

To see more photos from our trip to Cedar Point, check the rides we rode, our hotel, how I stole some sand, and our trip to IKEA (after we drove to Chicago).

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  1. Love the bird feet prints in the sand...so cute! Glad you guys had fun! :)


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