{Front Door} Labor of Love

Ahh... here it is! The door collage from the beginning (minus original hardware that was on it when we bought it) to present. There are still some changes to be done, but look at that beauty!

Here are larger versions of the same shots. Sorry for the lack of straight on angle for this one. It was just too ugly.

We still need to:
Buy a sign from Ramsign (need to measure to make sure which choice is best and then order)
Paint trim
Paint threshold (and rest of porch floor some day)
Buy/build screen door

**Sorry for the small photos, Blogger won't let me resize them.**


  1. Wow...that door has come a long way! Great job! :)

  2. You are my home-improvement girl guru! I'm amazed by what you can do. My husband wouldn't let me near this much home stuff.

  3. The door looks great and pretty solid. I am following you now and really like for blog. I wish I had a back yard to plant vegetables and house plants.
    Looking forward to your next post and I would appreciate a follow back.

  4. This door looks great!! You did a beautiful job! Stopping by from the Weekend Blog hop..new follower!


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